Jeff Abbott


Name: Jeff Abbott
Born: New York
Known for:Drifting Formula D

Jeff is one of those guys that you can’t help but notice. He’s always got a positive vibe, and a smile on his face. Its taken him a long time to get to the point in his career that he is today. Not only is he one of the few privateers competing in Formula D, and in 210 he was the only Mazda Miata in the circuit. Overcoming differences is just another day in the office for Jeff.

Prior to climbing behind the wheel of his first drift car, Jeff was attending the University of Albany. As if being a full time student wasn’t enough, bartending and bouncing took up his weekends. These jobs would give him spending money on the weekends, and ultimately led him to move to Temecula, California in August of 2004.

2004 was the year that started it all for Jeff. His first event was hosted by Drift Association, where he met long time drifting buddy, the infamous Matt Powers; whom at the time was driving in his second event. 2004 was looking good, with a strong job at Maxim Healthcare Services, but 2005 would prove to be even better.

In 2005, Jeff married his long time girl, Bianca, whom moved out to Temecula from New York with him. Life seemed to be going great. Solid job, drifting on the weekends, and a new found marriage.

Fast forward a few years, and Jeff found himself competing and trying to make a name for himself locally. These small local competitions would lead him to turbo his Mazda Miata, which unfortunately, did not go according to plan. After facing issue after issue, Jeff turned his luck around and took 2nd place at a Formula D Pro-Am Qualifier. When nationals came around, Jeff had one thing on his mind, and that was receiving his Formula D Professional License. He ended up battling with his friend Dave Blunt; whom actually won the bout. Jeff finished 8th overall, and was on the road to taking his drifting career to the next level.
2008 and 2010 were also mile stones with his family. His son Hudson was born in August 2008 and his daughter Olive was born in December 2010.

Now with one Formula D event under his belt, Jeff is determined to continue his path. The gloves are on, and Jeff is ready to tackle any obstacle that may face him along his way. The crowds are taking notice of that “little green Miata”, and every time Jeff pulls up to the grid, he puts it all on the line.

Jeff couldn’t be any more excited to be driving against the best in nd will continue to battle for years to come.



Jeff Abbott Pro-Am Interview from Ross Fairfield on Vimeo.



Jeff Abbott Miata Test Day from Jeff Guillotte on Vimeo.





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