DMC’s Ferrari 458 Italia Elegante


Another week, another program for DMC.

In what is becoming a habit for the luxury car tuner, DMC is at it again. This time, DMC is dressing up a Ferrari 458 Italia with not just a custom stealthy black paint finish, but a custom body kit that’s befitting of its name: Elegante.

This isn’t actually the first time DMC has used the Elegante kit on the 458, but the last time, it was the 458 Spider that was given the treatment. Guess the coupe version got a little jealous, huh?

The Elegante body kit is as comprehensive as its name leads you to believe. It’s got all the usual digs we’ve come to expect from DMC, including a new front spoiler lip, larger side skirts and a new rear bumper with a modified diffuser setup.

The engine also received the some minor performance upgrades that nets a stout 608 horsepower from the car’s 4.5-liter V-8 powerplant, thanks in large part to a remapped ECU and a new stainless-steel exhaust system. That’s a pretty healthy upgrade from its stock 562 horsepower

Far be it for us to judge the increasing frequency by which DMC modifies supercars, we still go back to our adage of quantity is only as good as the quality. So far, DMC is being proving that saying true with one quality program after another.

DMC, you’re skills in tuning supercars have no bounds.


Author: Drifting Ailve

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