2014 Australian Drift GP Round 3 at Sydney Motorsport Park

The results of the ADGP Round 3 are in and the final four was quite a wild one according to reports. Simon Michelmore and Rob Whyte made some serious contact in the final four battle and saw Rob Whyte advance to the finals since the judges deemed Simon was at fault for the incident. Some reports thought that for a minute the third place battle and first place battle weren’t going to happen at all but they all got cars back to the line to finish up the show! Credit to Ben Purtell who lent Simon a full front right suspension setup so he could run the 3rd place battle. In the end Simon still was defeated by Andy Gray in his red JZX100 and a big mistake from Rob Whyte in the final handed the win over to Levi Clarke. 


Here is How Round 3 Finished:
1st – Levi Clarke
2nd – Rob Whyte
3rd – Andy Gray
4th – Simon Michelmore

Championship Standings After Round 3:
1st – Rob Whyte (214)
2nd – Dale Campaign (207)
3rd – Nick Coulson (194)
4th – Michael Roseenblatt (193)
4th – Levi Clarke (193)
6th – Andreas Paraskevas (190)
7th – Michael Prosenik (185)
8th – Matt Harvey (182)
9th – Ben Purtell (166)
10th – Matt Russell (161)
11th – Simon Michelmore (159)
12th – Andy Gray (157)
13th – Jack Widdas (153)
14th – Josh Boettcher (149)
15th – James Abbott (145)


Author: Drifting Ailve

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